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Friday, 28 March 2014 02:07

"Penguins At North Pole" Is The First Lesbian Short Film Aired On Taiwan Television

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Penguins at north pole





For the first time, a lesbian short film comedy was broadcast by a Taiwanese public television.

While a bill that would have legalized equal marriage in Taiwan was recently introduced to legislators, Taiwan TV decided to broadcast "Penguins at North Pole" despite local protests.

"In most Asian countries this topic is still quite a taboo," said Jessie Shih, deputy director of the international department at Taiwan's Public Television Service. "And many among the older generations in Taiwan still feel that way."

This comedy, directed by Kassey Huang, follows a typical Taiwanese mother (played by Tan Aizhen) whose greatest wish is to see her daughter Helen (Nikki Hsieh) happily married to a successful young man.

Suspicious that Helen is already seeing someone, she sneaks a look at her Facebook page and is shocked to discover that her daughter is romantically involved with a woman (Zaizai Lin).

She then decides to pretend to be open-minded about her daughter's lifestyle, so that she can maintain her trust and eventually persuade her to drop the girlfriend and start a "traditional family." Humorous hijinks, foiled plans and miscommunications ensue – leading to a resolution of accommodation and mutual acceptance, as reported by The Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter.

Following the release, critics were ultimately quite positive.


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