Wednesday, 05 February 2014 00:00

Follow Up On Ellen-DeGeneres-And-Liz-Feldman's Lesbian Series 'One Big Happy'

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I found more information on the lesbian series which will be produced by Ellen DeGeneres and will be written by Liz Feldman.

A few months ago, we heard for the first time of this project. Finally a lesbian TV series written and produced by lesbians! I believe that did not occur since "The L Word"!

In short, there were not many information about this new series until now but I had promised to you to keep you updated. Here thus the breaking news of this sitcom of which we know from now on the name: "One Big Happy"!

The pilot of the series was ordered by NBC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will follow a lesbian who gets pregnant just as her straight male best friend falls in love.

The Hollywood Reporter also adds that NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt, who is openly gay, has a history of LGBT-themed programming dating back to his time as the head of Showtime, where he greenlighted lesbian-themed "The L Word" as well as a U.S. adaptation of gay-themed "Queer as Folk".

If the pilot of "One Big Happy" passes the test and likes the channel, it could be developed in one complete season and could join the grid of the programs of NBC.