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Friday, 18 October 2013 23:47

Girl on Girl: A Documentary On Lesbian Visibility

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Girl on girl documentory


Jodie Savitz needs you to promote her documentary on the female lesbians.

Lauren bedford Russell

Until now, there existed no documentary on the female lesbians. Jodie Savitz wanted to change that by creating “Girls On Girl” but she needs your help to finance the production.

In this documentary, a group of women tells her experiment. One will find Lauren Bedford Russell, who in particular took part in the casting of season 3 of “The Real L Word”.


There are also Ashleigh and Destini, married and moms of a two-year-old girl; Celina, in a college of New York; Lyndi, a former member of the United States Air Force who was confronted with the “Don' t Ask, Don' t Tell” policy; Karen, who lived as a homeless person and isolated from her family during three years; Kris, an activist and social worker; and finally, Jincey, a lesbian porn producer and a writer for LGBTQ magazines.

You can support this project here:

Photo credit: Girl on Girl


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