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Thursday, 24 March 2011 21:52

Grey's Anatomy Recap - Catch-Up

Written by  ElleGrrrl

Hot Blondes and Cristina


Hello, again, my lovelies! I know I have been neglectful lately, but due to some unforeseen personal issues, I have been tied up with real-life doctors and unable to devote much time to the fictional ones. So, my solution to this problem is a mass catch-up recap session. From here on out, the recaps will be up to date, but I figured it would be more fun to have one giant post than several all posted at the same time. I'm going to break things down by character/storyline, so as to give the discussion some focus. So here we go!

Mer and Cristina Incredulous

Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher, checked into the hospital with stomach pains and brought along a little treat: a tatted up youngster who he happens to be dating. Ew. May/December romances are rarely hot, but when there is that much of a difference not only in number but in attractiveness? Ew. Lexie seemed to share my opinion (one of the many, many reasons I love her so) but Meredith talked her down a bit.

Meredith has problems of her own, as she and Derek still haven't been able to conceive, and the fertility treatments have begun to impact her sight. Ruh roh. She was forced to choose between continuing the treatments and getting pregnant (and possibly becoming fully blind) or stopping the treatments and retaining her sight and her career. She chose the latter, but not without lots of longing stares, some tears, and introspective discussion. She wouldn't be Meredith without baggage, ladies, but we love her anyway. She also took on the duty of running the E.R. for a night, managing about a dozen different patients with diverse conditions and complaints. I'd heard of the golden hour before in terms of patient survival rates, but never really thought about what it can mean to a doctor who has to manage multiple patients within that same time frame. Woah. I have only two words: Comfy shoes.

The Chief is still in denial about his wife, Adele, and the multiple visits she has been making to the E.R. He refuses to listen to Meredith, reminding her that he used to change her diapers and, thus, probably knows better. Not only was that rude, but unnecessary, Chief. Nobody needed that visual. Derek finally talks some sense into him and he comes to the realization that his wife may, very well, have a more serious problem than he believes.

Bailey and Eli

Dr. Bailey has gotten herself a little boy toy and seems smitten. She is giddy, she is giggly, but she is still the proper Dr. Bailey we love so much. For instance, she does not quite understand the meaning of subtlety, more specifically in terms of sneaking into an on-call room for a quickie. Especially when Derek gets an eye-full, that he cautions Meredith about "Don't ever ask me what I saw in there".

Lexie, having dealt with daddy drama, and thinking for a while about her breakup with Mark, decides that she can't wallow forever. Also, Avery tells her that when she is ready to begin dating again, he'll be right in line. I'm sorry, but did anyone else think that speech bore more than a small resemblance to the one Arizona delivered to Callie in the bathroom at Joe's after Erica disappeared into the parking lot of no return? Anywho, Lexie takes Avery up on his offer, and, although I do love Mark and Lexie together and the way they loved each other, I am very excited to see what happens between these two impossibly beautiful doctors.

Mark, still reeling from the breakup, makes some feeble attempts at encroaching on the space Lexie has so obviously requested, even going so far as to use Avery as a mole in exchange for a rotation on his service. Doc is playin dirty. Luckily for us, though, he is much more focused on his baby mama(s). He makes it clear that he wants to be more than just a sperm donor in the equation and that, while he will completely honor the ladies' rights as the child's mothers, he will be fully involved in the kid's life. He manages to pull off territorial while still being supportive and charming. A valuable skill, I must say.

Cristina is still Cristina. She's still married to Owen (or beard-o, as we have dubbed him in my house) who doesn't seem to understand that when she says she doesn't want children, she's not being coy. How does she always seem to find the guys who want to tell her what's best for her without putting much stock in her input? Grrr.

Alex and Hot Lucy

Alex and Hot Lucy seem to be on the same page, and I'm excited to see a woman who can finally give Alex a taste of his own medicine. I like her casual attitude, but I hope it's not cavalier masquerading as low-key. In my fantasy world Hot Lucy and Teddy would ditch the boys and have a little game of doctor all to themselves... Uhh, where was I?

Speaking of Teddy, she is still married, and could possibly be falling for her husband soon. That sentence really only makes the sort of sense that belongs exclusively to the world of SGMW. Stay tuned to witness the burgeoning romance.

April's hair is looking more human, and Dr. Stark asked her out. WHAT. THE. F***?! I am blind-sided by this development, and possibly more creeped out than I was about Thatcher and the tatted temptress. I do not have words enough for this level of Ew.

Callie Ew Face

Neither does Callie. FINALLY, on to the ones we really tune in for! Our favorite pastry, Calzona!

Callie is still crazed with hormones (get comfy, kittens, those aren't going anywhere any time soon) and ideas of impending doom concerning the as-yet-unnamed fetus. This kid is going to be under a LOT of pressure. Three doctor parents? Oy. He/she is being subjected to a barrage of tests and hasn't even been born yet! One thing that Callie hasn't seemed to understand is Arizona's guarded approach to Mark's involvement. Arizona explains to her, in yet another heart-wrenching speech (Jessica Capshaw has really mastered that art, dontcha think?) that she is afraid of what will happen in their future. Decisions are hard enough to make between two parents, but three adds a whole new level of drama, especially since the two parents who are in a couple will not necessarily be recognized equally under the law. A valid worry, and something that bears discussion. Thank you, Shonda Rhimes, for bringing sensitive subjects to light in a respectful and realistic manner. Stay tuned for the trials and triumphs of our favorite lady loves!

Alright, kittens, that's it for now. I will have a fresh post tomorrow after tonight's new episode, but feel free to discuss in the comments until then! What did you like? What didn't you like? Who is in the cast of characters of your SGMW fantabulous fantasy? Inquiring minds want to know!


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