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Tuesday, 08 September 2015 21:16

Lily Tomlin Plays For The First Time A Lesbian In The Movie "Grandma"

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After playing in the Netflix series «Grace and Frankie», Lily Tomlin is found to play a leading role in the film «Grandma» in duet with Julia Garner.

GRANDMA tomlin

At 75, the openly lesbian actress Lily Tomlin has lost none of her grandeur. She plays here Elle Reid, a grandmother, who has just broken up with her girlfriend when her granddaughter Sage (Julia Grader) arrives, needing $600 before the end of the day .

They will therefore both spend the day looking for money here and there by going to old friends who will, little by little, bring out old secrets.

Incredible as it may seem, this is the first time that Tomlin plays the role of a lesbian. In an interview with ETonlineETonline, she also welcomed the opportunity she was given.

«It’s fabulous!» she said.

«I never thought that I would live to see it.

«I want the movie to be something I'm proud of,» she adds. «I want to be pleased with it.»

Tomlin plays a grandmother rather rock 'n' roll with a strong character and full of fun as you can discover in the trailer below. In this film, just as wacky as touching, there is also the trans* actress Laverne Cox in the role of Deathy.

«Grandma» was released on August 21 in the US. The movie is scheduled to make its debut in Finland and in the UK on September 20 at the Helsinki International Film Festival and on October 8 at the London Film Festival. The official release is still scheduled for December 11 across the UK, October 23 for Sweden and November 20 for Spain.


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