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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 15:51

Lip Service: 2 New Monologues And A Preview Of The Episode 3

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Whereas the season 2 of lip service has started for two weeks and rather shocked us a few days ago with the death of Cat, here two others monologues and a first preview of the episode 3.

To start here a monologue of Sadie in which she tells the story of her first lesbian encounter with Dee.

It is a little bit late but here the monologue of Cat in which she told about her first kiss with Frankie.

I didn't know Cat was suppose to die in the last episode, I mean I heart rumors before the season 2 starts but, as it was supposed to be a Frankie-Cat-Sam's story, I didn't know they will kill the character of Cat in the second episode of this new season and despite the fact that I found interesting to watch a Cat very well-behaved with Sam and a little bit more eccentric with Frankie, Cat and Frankie was my favorite couple so I don't like what happened at all! Were you shocked too? Do you think Lip Service will be the same without Cat?

In bonus, a preview on the episode 3:


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