Wednesday, 04 April 2012 16:26

Lip Service Season 2 Air Date

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Finally, we know the air date of the season 2 of Lip Service! The BBC announced the first episode of the new season will be aired on Friday, April 20 at 9.00-10.00pm on BBC3.

The season 2 of Lip Service will be composed of 6 episodes (only) of one hour like the first season.

We will follow the same main characters Frankie, Cat, Sam, Tess,… with some new one as I had previously announced it to you (Lip Service Series 2: Coming Soon).

In its press release, the BBC gave more details:

"After a loved-up month on holiday in South America, Cat and Sam arrive back in Glasgow with a colossal bump. Having run away from her relationship with first love Frankie, Cat knows she must now face the music.

It looks like Tess finally has it all: her first proper acting role, a fabulous new flat and a gorgeous girlfriend. Landing one of the leading roles in a big theatre production should be a cause for celebration, but things don’t go quite to plan on her first day in the job.

Locking horns with self-obsessed co-star Nora, it’s clear Tess is going to have her work cut out, dealing with constant put-downs and snide comments. But new friendship and much needed support come in the shape of Hugo, a cynical but loveable actor.

Frankie and Tess are struggling with the rent for their new flat and go in search of a flatmate. Enter Lexy - a sexy, funny and straight-talking Australian doctor who instantly makes an impression on Tess. But she’s not the only one who reacts to Lexy’s arrival…

Frankie bumps into her former flame Sadie and offloads her troubles onto her. Sadie, who is down on her luck, decides to deliver some home truths."

For the girls who didn't watch it yet, a few weeks ago the BBC released a preview of the first episode that you can watch here: Lip Service Episode 201 Preview