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Thursday, 18 October 2018 00:01

Meet the queen of bisexuality through the movie "Colette"

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"Colette" is a biographical film about French author Colette, a pioneer of feminism. The film focuses on the period during which she discovers a passion for writing and for women.

We meet Sidonie Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley), a teenager who lives in a small village in Bourgogne, a region in central-eastern France. It was at this time that Colette met her husband Henry Gauthier-Villars aka Willy. Together, they then settle in Paris.

At that time, it was customary for some writers to use other people's talent. This is what Willy does. He publishes stories written by other authors under his own name and he has some success.

Very quickly, while he asks Colette to write his correspondence, he discovers that his wife has a talent for writing. Thus, he pushes Colette to write a novel about her youth. She discovers then a real passion for writing.

In the 19th century, women were not allowed to publish books. Colette is one of the few women to have done it without hiding her femininity under a male name and has surpassed many male writers. It turns out that her books, more than 80, have been successful.

What will interest us in the film are relationships Colette can have with other women. Quickly, she tells her husband that she is attracted to women and he encourages her to follow her fantasies.

She meets an American woman (Eleanor Tomlinson) with whom she will have a relationship. Unfortunately, her husband will ruin everything. He will also have a secret relationship with this woman. No worries, you won't be disappointed for a long time.

She will create a riot the day she kisses Mathilde de Morny aka Missy (Denise Gough), a freethinking noblewoman who dressed as a man, onstage at the Moulin Rouge.

The film focuses mainly on the relationship between Colette and her husband, on love, work, betrayal, but it also focuses on the emancipation of this woman. This is a very interesting part that is subtly discussed in the film.

Colette wants more and more freedom, which was far from being obvious for a woman at this time. The Colette-Willy couple won't resist this.

Here is a sneak peek of "Colette" with the trailer below:

You can consult IMDB for all the release dates:

I invite you to check Colette's works out. For example, her series of novels entitled "Claudine" features many bisexual women.


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