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Friday, 29 September 2017 00:42

"My Days Of Mercy": Everything opposes them and yet ...

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My Days of Mercy


The film "My Days Of Mercy" starring actresses Ellen Page and Kate Mara premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The opportunity to know a little more about this story.

"My Days Of Mercy" is a drama to be released soon. Here the actresses chose the director, Tali Shalom-Ezer (a woman). Page and Mara also produced the film. The script was written for several years but it seemed that the film was not going to be developed. Page and Mara have thus invested in the project to be able to share it with us.

"My Days Of Mercy" is the story of Lucy (Ellen Page) and Mercy (Kate Mara). Lucy participates in demonstrations against the state and the death penalty. Her father was convicted of murder and is waiting in the death row.

Mercy is on the other side. She is the daughter of a policeman whose partner was killed by a man about to receive the lethal injection.

The two women are totally opposed. But their relationship evolved from hostility to curiosity, then to intense passion.

Will they overcome their difference or will it take over their love story?

"My Days Of Mercy" isn't just a movie with queer characters and a queer love story, it's a story full of humanity.

"It’s that mixture of being proud to have queer characters, being proud to tell queer stories, but not wanting your film defined that way, and having this sort of narrow idea of it, when I think it’s very similar to traditional American narrative, in terms of a character dealing with very severe obstacles—repression, profound grief—and then having love enter her world, and that expanding her," Page said.

I can't wait to watch the movie!


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