Thursday, 10 May 2018 15:31

Netflix is about to release the final episode of Sense8

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One month left before the final episode of Sense8 is available on Netflix.

As Netflix announced on social networks, the last episode that will close the series will be released on June 8.

Sense8 stopped in June 2017 because of too high production costs.

"When we decide to cancel a series, we never do it lightly.

We love all our creations in the same way, as a parent tries to love his children equally.

Sense8 is very important to many fans around the world and I think all fans around the world will agree that this is a fantastic and appropriate conclusion," said Cindy Hollans, vice-President of Netflix in charge of contents.

Thanks to Sense8's fans, director Lana Wachowski can offer us all a 2-hours final episode to finish this adventure.

Know that this episode was shot in Europe and will close on a fireworks display on the Champ de Mars behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

See you on June 8 on Netflix to discover this episode.