Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:46

New Lesbian Reality TV Series: "The Other Women Of America"

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The first season of a new lesbian reality series, «The Other Women Of America,» which follows a group of lesbians in Atlanta, will be launched this year.

Currently, we don't know when exactly this new series will air. No date has been communicated yet. Maybe in the fall.

According to a press release, «The Other Women of America» will «promise to dispel the myths on the lives of lesbian women, their families, their relationships, their careers, their social circles, their spirituality, and most of all, their place in America. The show's focus and premise will be done in a classy, unpretentious, manner highlighting the women in their professional, family and personal lives to include the DRAMATIC intricacies they sometimes encounter.»

It seems that the project, which will involve Atlanta for this first season, will then be developed in other cities.

Here is the trailer, what do you think? Will you watch this new series?