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Friday, 30 March 2018 14:26

New Netflix series "Everything Sucks!" is the one queer teens were expected

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"Everything Sucks!" has become an important series, especially for LGBTQ+ teens. Netflix released the first season on February 16, which consists of 10 episodes.

The story takes place in 1996 in Boring, Oregon. The series focuses on a group of three high school students: Luke, Tyler, and McQuaid. At first, the story isn't necessarily good but when the three friends join their school’s AV Club, it becomes interesting because it focuses on Luke and Kate, a club member and the principal's daughter.

Kate is starting to explore her sexual identity and quickly realizes that she isn't attracted to Luke but to girls. During the season, Kate will fall in love with another high school student, Emaline, and the two teenagers will gradually come closer. You will have to be patient because Emaline intimidates Kate. But as you can see, it will end pretty well.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed News, the two stars playing Emaline and Kate, Sydney Sweeney and Peyton Kennedy, spoke about how important queer representation is in TV series.

“The entire show defies stereotypes,” Peyton Kennedy said. “There’s so little representation in regular mainstream media that it’s incredible to be able to convey so much in one show.”

“There’s barely any representation for girlfriends in high school,” she added. “There’s a bit of representation in older generations, but I think for the teens who are watching it who identify with these characters, they will be able to feel comfort and hopefully acceptance at the end of the show."

“Kate knows what she wants and Emaline doesn’t,” Sydney Sweeney said. “For Emaline, love is just love. It doesn’t matter if it’s between a girl and a girl or a guy and a girl, so she just embraces that.”

"Everything Sucks!" will surely resonate with LGBTQ+ teens who don't understand their sexual identity yet. Also, the main duo, Luke and Kate, is a very inclusive duo because it consists of a lesbian and a mixed-race boy.


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