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Friday, 24 August 2018 22:46

"Night Comes On": a queer teenager's journey divided between her love for her sister and her wish for revenge

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night comes on


Jordana Spiro's film "Night Comes On" follows a queer teenager divided between her love for her sister and her wish for revenge.

Angel is a queer young woman traumatized while still a child when she sees her father murdered her mother.

Several years later, Angel (Dominique Fishback) is 18 years old. She leaves her foster home and has only one idea in mind: to avenge her mother. She finds her 10-year-old sister Abby (Tatum Marilyn Hall) and together they go out looking for their father.

But the love between the two sisters hinders their desire for retaliation. Abby still lives in foster care and is Angel want to get her legal custody, she has to avoid problems.

Directed by comedian Jordana Spiro and written by poet Angelica Nwandu, "Night Comes On" is a 100% female drama

Dominique Fischbach, who plays Angel, is a true discovery. She is captivating. Even when her character goes through moments of extreme hardness, she perfectly transcribed the intensity and the sadness.

Released at the beginning of August, "Night Comes On" is available on video on demand. Here is the site where you will find the links to rent the

And here is the trailer:


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