Monday, 05 September 2011 23:46

On Ne Choisit Pas Sa Famille: First Teaser

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At the beginning of the year, one learned that Christian Clavier, famous French actor, was going to make a film which tells the story of a lesbian couple played by Muriel Robin, lesbian actress and humorist, and Helena Noguerra, french actress and singer.

The movie is on the way to be released and we have the first teaser!

On Ne Choisit Pas Sa Famille (We does not choose our family), comedy for all public, tells the story of Kim (Muriel Robin) and Alex (Helena Noguerra), a lesbian couple wishing to adopt a child in Thailand.

The problem is that a new law passed in the country allowing only the married couples to apply for adoption.

As a result, Kim and Alex decide to ask for help César (Christian Clavier), who is the brother of Alex.

César is the kind of brother you are ashamed of and unfortunately for Kim, the only solution is that César and her play a married couple to adopt.

The cast is perfect for a comedy movie. I am sure one will appreciate the humor of Robin, the hot Noguerra (to have seen her once in real, believe me she is very hot) and the couple Clavier-Robin will be very very funny for sure. I don't forget Jean Réno, famous actor, who will play a person in charge of the adoption.

The last French film of quality with a lesbian couple was Gazon Maudit, released in 1995, so I can't wait to watch this movie. I am rather curious to see the result and especially Muriel Robin and Helena Noguerra together. It is nevertheless an improbable couple.

After having seen the first teaser, one can expect a movie of quality. Now remains to see if it will became the film of the year as one could expect it even if it talks about a lesbian couple. Will we see the cast at the 20H (news show)? Will the media talk about Clavier who presents his first film or will they admit it's a pro-gay theme?

I'm pretty sure they will talk about it because of the cast. They sort of have to talk about it, don't you think? Appointment on November 9th, date of the release.