Tuesday, 06 February 2018 22:23

"One Day At A Time" features a non-binary character!

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The new season of "One Day At A Time" features a non-binary character. Indeed, we were able to meet Syd in episode 3 of season 2.

The lesbian character has a non-binary lover! During the first season, Elena (Isabella Gomez) came out as a lesbian. In this season 2, we meet her lover.

In the series, they use the feminine term 'girlfriend'. Justina Machado, who plays Elena's mom Penelope, said it felt like the right choice for the older generations of the Alvarez family.

The romance between Syd (Sheridan Pierce) and Elena is one of the main stories of this second season. Note that LGBT authors write these stories.

"One Day At A Time" uses to deal with LGBT and other serious issues but with a lot of humor. "One Day At A Time" remains a family comedy!

The episodes of the previous season, as well as this season 2, are available on Netflix.

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