Thursday, 03 March 2016 00:47

Oscars 2016: What A Disappointment!

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The least we can say is that the Oscars 2016 have been more than disappointing and have created downright controversial first on racial, since the event highlighted a visibility problem for actors from minorities, then on discrimination of women whose work is ultimately little considered. The media present on the red carpet often preferring to focus on their dresses rather than the film they represent, their character or other subjects related to their profession.

Finally, this year was a huge disappointment to the LGBT community.

Indeed, not only the lesbian film "Carol" has not received any awards, but it has almost somehow not received any nomination (except Cate Blanchett who was nominated in the best actress category, “Carol” was only nominated in best cinematography, best costume design and best original score), while the movie reviewers, and I'm talking about professionals, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of cinema, have continued over the past month to acclaim the quality of the film.

The movie was also awarded several times at festivals like the Cannes Film Festival and other festivals around the world, so we expected it to be, logically, at least nominated in the best director, best picture and best supporting actress categories.

Remember, in 2010, the lesbian film "The Kids Are All Right" was not only nominated four times, but it won an award, what already was inglorious as it had not won this award in a major category despite very complimentary reviews.

It seems that a movie focusing on women, and only on women, disturbs the panel of judges who are 93% white, 77% male and 85% over 50-years-old.

I hope that these debates will provide a much needed renewal because yes, women also make great films.