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Friday, 12 December 2014 22:44

Same-Sex Weddings In Season 6 Of "Glee" #spoilers

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The sixth and final season of Glee will start in a little less than a month and according to some sources, marriage equality will be part of the subjects of this season.


In April 2013, Fox agreed to renew the series for two more seasons but this sixth season will be the last of Glee. It will consist of 13 episodes and will premiere on January 9, 2015 with a two-hour episode.

The co-creator of Glee Ryan Murphy has announced that this season wouldn't be New York-centric. In addition, the first episode does not follow the end of season 5, we must expect a time jump.

This last season will revisit the younger McKinley High students who did not graduate in the fifth season.

Season 6 will introduce five new characters including Spencer, a gay football player. Roderick and his magnificent voice, Jane who does not want to be a member of New Directions and the twin cheerleaders Mason and Madison.

Also actress Naya Rivera, among others, will be part of the many guest stars this season.

Finally, it will not matter one but two same-sex marriages, a gay wedding and a lesbian wedding.

According Gleespoilery, who had access to the script, in episode 8 entitled "A Wedding," Kurt asks Blaine if he still wants to marry him. Brittana is getting married because Santana is going on tour soon and they want to get married “before they become famous”. Burt finds out about Kurt and Blaine running away to elope and ask for Pam’s help to convince them to stay and have a proper wedding. Santana and Rachel convinces Kurt and Blaine to have a double wedding. Rachel gives the finn necklace to Kurt. The last scene of the episode shows Brittana going back to New York and Kurt moving in with Blaine.

Also in this episode 8, according GleekoutbrGleekoutbr, Whitney S. and Pierce Pierce, Maribel and Alma Lopez , Burt and Carole Hummel, and Pam Anderson are all attending the wedding.

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