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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 23:16

Screencaps Recap: The Real L Word Episode 301 - Apples And Oranges + Behind The Scenes

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real l word season 3 cast


Our screencaps recaps of "The Real L Word" are back for season 3 and so here's the first episode they decided to call, for some reason that escapes me, "apples and oranges" and I prefer to call it "two surprises and a banana" because yes, there is a banana.

In this episode 301, we see what happened to Romi, Whitney, Cori and Kacy and the other girls in Los Angeles. We also meet new girls from New York and it starts brilliantly.

Romi teases us: her life changed, she lost friends, but she is madly in love. OK.

real l word 301

Meanwhile, we learn that Whitney is in a committed relationship. (Wait! Seriously? Yes, seriously).


We wonder if they are not together because of video editing, but soon we understand they're not. Whitney lives with Sara...

real l word 301 1

... and Romi, although Romi lives with her ​​ex. No, it is not Kelsey but Jay, her ex-boyfriend. (First surprise!)

real l word 301 2

Whitney and Sara's short sex scene in the shower.

real l word 301 3

real l word 301 4

Ok, we have the basics of the story, the credits start, let's go!

In New York, we meet the members of the band "Hunter Valentine" who are about to go on tour.





real l word 301 5

Back in Los Angeles, Cori and Kacy learn they expect a little girl and are happy.

real l word 301 6

We will understand in a few minutes that this baby is Charlie, the baby they are going to lose a few months later. (see article: Real L Word Kacy and Cori's Loss). This is so sad ...

Here is Lauren who lives in Los Angeles. She is a jewelry designer and dated Kelsey.


And in New York, her best friend Amanda is preparing to move to Los Angeles to live with her.

real l word 301 8

They will be both single and living together. Amanda says it never happened despite some sexual tension (interesting...).

real l word 301 9

Kiyomi dates Ali but neither too formal nor too libertine. I summarize:

"I do not want a serious relationship ... I don't like it when she tells me she is dating other girls ... we talk on the phone every day ... but I don't want a serious relationship.”

real l word 301 11

After months of secrecy, Romi announced her relationship with Jay to Alyssa, the former Whitney's roommate, Rachel and Jaq who live in the same house.

real l word 301 10

They respect her choice, even if it's the kind of story that we do not like at all in the community.

Just after learning that Romi is dating a man, Alyssa called Whitney to share the news because Whitney and Romi are no more friends.

real l word 301 12

real l word 301 13

Whitney says Romi's ego is very big and that the personality of Romi has recently changed a lot.

Whitney is not surprised at all to know that Romi is back with a guy. Neither Sara elsewhere.

real l word 301 14

For her, Romi would do anything to get attention.

In New York, the band continues to rehearse for the tour but Somer has doubts.

real l word 301 15

She recently joined the band and she still does not feel integrated. In addition, she just got married and touring means being away from her wife. She also knew Kiyomi as a friend before joining the band and now she is her boss and she is a little control freak.

Kelsey learns that Romi is back with Jay.

real l word 301 16

She does not like this because it is the opposite of what Romi told her when they were together. Romi plans have totally changed!

Sara is at a restaurant with one of her friends and talks about her life with Whitney. She confides her desire to marry and have children, but think Whitney is not ready.

real l word 301 17

("Oh my god!" And that's just a start. Who can imagine Whitney married?)

Here is the banana!

real l word 301 18

Romi and Jay are ready to go to a party organized by the LGBT Center of Los Angeles, a sort of I'm-not-gay coming-out for Romi. In short, it is the we-don't-care minute.

Hunter Valentine began its first tour with a concert in New York.

real l word 301 19

Back to the drama of Ali-Kiyomi: At the end of the show, Ali does not accept that Kiyomi neglects her, in short, drama, drama and drama. Reconciliation in the shower.

real l word 301 20

Then this first episode ends dramatically because nobody could imagine this! You're not dreaming, Whitney chose a ring to propose Sara!

real l word 301 21

She is actually ready, more than we could think. "Oh my god !!!!!!!!!!"

As a bonus here's a behind the scenes full of extracts from episode 301:

See you soon for episode 2.


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