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Thursday, 26 July 2012 01:14

Screencaps Recap: The Real L Word Episode 302 - Leap Of Faith

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real l word season 3 cast


In this episode 2 of the season 3 of The Real L Word, Hunter Valentine starts the tour but what starts well continues badly, Lauren wants Amanda only for her, Romi is always Romi, Whitney lies, makes up stories, plans and finally…

Whitney to propose to Sara – Act 1

All starts with an appointment between Whitney and her sister, Alexis.

real l word 302

Whitney explains her plan: to organize a fake spiritual healing party with Sara and all their friends and to ask Sara to marry her at the end.

Whitney explains she can't sleep and has nightmares as she is stressed. In one of her nightmares, there is a whale.

She takes her computer to check what that means...

real l word 302 1

and surprise: a relationship too big to handle!

real l word 302 2


Watch the scene below:

In New York, Kiyomi prepares to go in tour. Ali is not happy of her departure, she is even rather worried. In an interview, Kiyomi still explains that they have a non-monogamous relationship and that she wants to be concentrated on her music.

real l word 302 3

Then it is time to say goodbye. It is hard for Somer and her wife Donna who are used to do everything together.

real l word 302 4

In Los Angeles, the phone rings. Amanda is arrived in the city and Lauren is on the way to the airport.

real l word 302 5

Lauren specifies the last time they were together, they slept together but does not consider this as a serious relationship, they're just friends with benefits.

LAmanda are very glad to be together.

real l word 302 6

Well, for the moment.

Whitney to propose to Sara – Act 2

real l word 302 7

Whitney tells Sara she met a girl... they spoke about the girl's job... she organizes energy healings and Whitney thinks that could be interesting to go to a meeting this weekend. Sara, who like this kind of things, agrees.

real l word 302 8

Romi speaks about her relationship with a guy with her friend Rose, seen in the first season of The Real L Word, and confides to feel bisexual even if she is not used to use this word yet.

real l word 302 9

real l word 302 10

They speak then about sex, balls and penis.

With their tour manager, Hunter Valentine arrives in Washington for their first concert.

Laura confides to go in tour is intense and is an experiment to know people very quickly and to get closer.

real l word 302 11

Check, one, two,

real l word 302 12

let's go for the show!

real l word 302 13

After the concert, the band has fun and Kiyomi explains what are regional reps, the strategy she launched with Laura: You go to a city, you have a girl whom you see in that city every time and that becomes your regional rep for that area.

Kiyomi is very satisfied with this strategy which works for the band very well and they work to have a girl in each area of the country.

real l word 302 14

And it is precisely this blonde who is Kiyomi's rep in Washington.

real l word 302 15

I liked the moment when the blonde said to Kiyomi that she wants to satisfy her, that becomes hot and Kiyomi answers:

"I have to call my girlfriend."


So Kiyomi calls Ali: "I miss you"

real l word 302 16

"I miss you too"

real l word 302 17

They don't really speak a lot.

Lauren invited some friends to celebrate the arrival of Amanda.

real l word 302 18

In interview, Amanda confides that Lauren is a very good kisser.

real l word 302 19

But this evening will not occur as Lauren would wish it because Britenelle is there.

real l word 302 20

Britenelle is a girl that Amanda met the last time she came in L.A.. They feel great together and a relationship may starts but Lauren knows that this girl means troubles and warns Amanda.

real l word 302 21

First we-don't-care minute: Romi wants to sleep with Jay who would like to finish to eat his noodles.

real l word 302 22


Whitney to propose to Sara – Act 3

Ruby, the friend of Whitney, visits her to help her to finish to prepare her plan to propose to Sara.

real l word 302 23

Whitney explains her she even made a fake flyer for the spiritual healer and her party that she gave to Sara.

real l word 302 25

She also has to check the food is kosher, the flowers, candles because of course this party once again is fake, there are no organizers to prepare everything considering it is Whitney who organizes it.

In short, stressful!

Moreover, at the same moment, Sara sends a message on Whitney's phone asking: "What are you doing?"

Whitney: "er…"

real l word 302 24

Back in Washington, Somer calls her wife

"I miss you"

real l word 302 26

"I miss you too"

real l word 302 27

but she has to hang up quickly because the band is ready to leave. The evening was washed down with plenty of alcohol, it's hard for everyone to be awaked and the band is super late for its next concert in Charlotte.

real l word 302 28

In Los Angeles, it's painting workshop!

real l word 302 29

Lauren explains that Amanda likes to change the decoration when she moves in a new house. Britenelle, (yes, she's still there) helps them what is not without creating tensions with Lauren who can't stand her.

Hunter Valentine is one hour late when they finally arrive in Charlotte for their second concert.

That starts very badly and things won't be getting any better.

real l word 302 30

Just a few people came to the concert, perhaps about fifteen.

real l word 302 31

After a few minutes, suddenly, the keyboard of Somer does not work anymore.

She tries by all the means to repair, but she does not stop leaving the stage what Kiyomi does not like.

real l word 302 32

Romi and Jay hang out with Jay's friends and play Bowling! Yippee!

real l word 302 33

Message from Romi: she likes to hang out with straight people: no drama, no exes of exes.

Then I was full of rage after she says that for once she can "meet people or other couples who haven't been incestuous within the community."

Incestuous? What the fuck!?!

The scene finishes with Romi speaking about child.

Artistic project for Sara and Whitney: let's make a vision board!

real l word 302 34

Health, beauty, art, business, baby making,… and… and boom!

Sara wants to ask something.

She hesitates.

real l word 302 35

And she asks if, before having children, Whitney thinks that they will marry.

real l word 302 36

Embarrassed laugh of Whitney,

real l word 302 37

she avoids to look at sara, she does not want to answer.

real l word 302 38

As a result, Sara, more seriously, asks if Whitney and her will marry one day. Whitney, who still don't look at Sara, clearly answers her: "No".

Sara adds that she does not want Whitney feels under pressure and she will never leave her.

real l word 302 39

If she only knew…

In Charlotte, it's time to draw up a balance sheet for Laura and Kiyomi after this shitty concert.

Kiyomi is disappointed of their performance: "That was the worst show I've ever played in my life."

real l word 302 40

Somer explains the girls did not take care of the material by removing it from the car what can cause some breakdowns.

real l word 302 41

Laura says her there is no more money so she has to manage this alone. In interview, Somer confides she does many sacrifices and doesn't want to be back with nothing in return.

Another we-don't-care minute: Amanda, Britenelle and Lauren take Amanda's bed, which spent the day in the garden, to put it in her room.

real l word 302 42

Lauren is fed up with Britenelle but this one stays and sleeps with Amanda.

real l word 302 43

Besides Lauren hears their lovemakings from her room.

real l word 302 44

Whitney to propose to Sara: Finale Act

Sara is excited to go to the spiritual healing party with Whitney who is scared.

real l word 302 45

They arrived, the spiritual healing starts.

real l word 302 46

They all close their eyes, are focused on something they wish, something positive, new,

(Whitney confides that at this time there her heart is beating wildly)

then one breathes and one expires.

real l word 302 47

Cut of the scene…

Back with Romi and Jay (yes, still a we-don't care minute, Romi's scenes with Jay are so boring).

They are at the restaurant and wonders what they will do this evening other than "see you quickly, fucking, sleeping". Then Jay announces that he will not be in town next week, he travels a lot because of his job, Romi promises to send him a lot of picture of her naked.

real l word 302 48

Back with Whitney, Sara and their friends.

Envelope time!

The healer distributes the envelopes containing a positive message and invites each person to read it aloud.

real l word 302 49

Whitney's sister starts, of course, following Whitney's plan.

real l word 302 50

Whitney's sister: "Loving myself health my life. I nurse my mind, body and soul."

Then this is Whitney's turn. The pressure goes up.

real l word 302 51

Whitney: "I feel I'm feeling my energy.

I am in a confident place to make decision about my futur.

I know who I am and I know what I want."

She sits down again. Sara's turn. Big, big stress for Whitney, this gonna be the moment.

real l word 302 53

real l word 302 54

real l word 302 52

Sara reads: "Turn your face to the person you love the most and open your heart"

and here we go!

Whitney stands up, a knee on the ground,

real l word 302 55

Sara is super surprise, she can't get over it,

real l word 302 56

Whitney takes the ring and says with a voice more and more quavering:

"Baby, I love you a lot and I know it since the first time I saw you. Will you marry me?"

real l word 302 57

Sara cries and asks: "Is this real?"

real l word 302 58

real l word 302 59

Whitney: "You didn't say yes."

Sara: "Yes!!!"

real l word 302 60

See you for the episode 3…


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