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Screencaps Recap: The Real L Word Episode 305 - "#305"

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Here's a new episode of The Real L Word where the girls go to Dinah. What will happen between Lauren and Kiyomi? Why Amanda wakes up alongside Ruby? Pools, beds, parties with lesbians, lesbians and lesbians, welcome to the Dinah!

Amanda is at home, Rachel cut her hair and she seemed very excited. She tells Lauren that she has good news from New York: her ex girlfriend agrees to try again with her, to see if their relationship can eventually work, but Amanda should stay away from other girls.

As we suspected, when Lauren and Amanda went to New York, Amanda took the opportunity to see her ex.

But should she stay in Los Angeles or return to New York?

Lauren does not feel very happy with this news. Amanda wonders if it's jealousy or something else.

Lauren does not trust Amanda. She lied to her a lot lately.

Romi and Kelsey get ready to go to the Dinah and this is the first time they will go together as a couple.

Both want to have a good weekend and stay out of drama.

Romi knows that during the weekend, there will be Whitney and Sara, Lauren and Amanda. She hopes other girls will not cause her any problems.

Kiyomi is also preparing to go to the Dinah where the band should play a few songs.

Ali is not happy because she does not come.

In addition, Ali dated a girl when Kiyomi was on tour. This is not a problem since they are not monogamous, but Ali lied and therefore Kiyomi is angry.

Kiyomi said in an interview that she does not want a monogamous relationship with Ali. She does not want to hurt her but she does not feel ready. She says she was with a girl for two years. She was very in love, they had even moved in together. Kiyomi then went on tour and her girlfriend had a job offer in San Francisco she accepted without even talking with Kiyomi. When Kiyomi returned from the tour, her girlfriend was gone. She has not seen her since. She is not ready for a serious relationship for fear of being destroyed again.

She thinks breaking up with Ali after The Dinah. She is tired of hurting Ali and thinks it's better for them to move away.

For their part, Somer and Donna are also preparing and are very, very late.

It is preferable that Somer did not miss the plane because her position in the band is always unstable.

Whitney and Sara are also in full swing.

Kiyomi, Laura and Vero arrive in Los Angeles. Somer missed the plane...

Kiyomi thinks it's completely ridiculous to have such an opportunity and not be professional. They decided not to wait Somer in the airport. For Kiyomi, Somer obviously can not fulfill her role in the band.

Lauren and Amanda hit the road for The Dinah.

Amanda says she is completely terrified to go (15,000 lesbians !!!)

Ali sends a message to Kiyomi who is tired of her.

Laura asks what happened. Vero wonders if Kiyomi is in love with Ali.

Laura believes that Kiyomi will meet a girl at The Dinah.

Kiyomi doesn't know and says that maybe nothing will happen but Laura said. "You never know".

On the road, Lauren receives a message from Kiyomi who hopes she will be at The Dinah.

Kiyomi says she is no longer with Ali so Lauren says she could do nothing with Kiyomi as she was with Ali but now they are no longer together,

it changes everything.

Amanda doesn't like the possibility that Lauren could date Kiyomi. Lauren says she does not want to date her, just flirting.

Finally, Somer and Donna arrive at the airport in Los Angeles and now they must find a way to go to Palm Springs.

Somer had called Vero to see if she can arrive tomorrow rather than today.

Kiyomi replied "No", she should be there tonight.

At The Dinah, the game of seduction begins with Whitney, Romi and Kelsey.

Except that Romi and Kelsey arrived only 15 minutes before the event begins. This will be right. They may be late.

Whitney told the organizers that all the girls will be there. Don't panic ...

Tucky Williams (Girl/Girl Scene creator and actress) on the right.

In interview, Whitney is annoyed by the unprofessional behavior of Romi. It's a bad image for everyone.

Lauren heard that Romi is back in a relationship with Kelsey, she fits the game to try to win a date with Kelsey, just to infuriate Romi. (What a bitch, lol).

Romi and Kelsey finally arrived with 31 minutes late! Romi does not feel comfortable because all the girls (Sara, Lauren ...) watch her.

First round: who wants to win a date with Romi?

Romi wondered what Lauren ploys because she cannot stop watching her.

Romi meets the winner of the contest date.

Now Kelsey.

Romi finally understands what Lauren is trying to do but Lauren lost.

After the game, Whitney and Sara say Romi is alone because nobody wants to be around people who are too focused on themselves

and would like Kelsey opens her eyes.

Later, Whitney and Lauren call Kiyomi to invite her to go out with them tonight.

Hunter Valentine joins the other girls.

Kiyomi: "I see Lauren again and Hoooooo she's very attractive."

Amanda does not like Kiyomi, not at all.

Lauren tells the girls Kiyomi is cute.

Whitney thinks Amanda is jealous. Sara adds that Amanda just wants to draw the Lauren's attention.

Somer and Donna meet girls. Yes, well they are there.

Lauren says to Kiyomi she is very cute. Kiyomi tells she is magnetized by Lauren, she has butterflies in her stomach, she feels like a teenager with her.

Little kiss in the toilet.

They're back with the other girls and continue to kiss. Lauren wants Kiyomi to stay and hang out with her.

Kiyomi says that this girl has all the qualities she would like in someone. She is smiling and very cute.

Amanda is still not happy about the situation. She finds it strange because, normally, Lauren is one that likes to have power and that is why she is attractive, and to see how she is subjected to a more masculine lesbian kills love.

But Whitney confides in Amanda that she thinks Lauren is not sincere with Kiyomi and she just wants attention.

For Whitney and Sara, Lauren and Kiyomi just want to spend a good time at The Dinah and what happens at the Dinah stays at The Dinah.

For her part, Romi just wants to stay in her room with Kelsey.

Kacy and Cori arrive in the middle of the night. They are very tired and wonder what they are doing here.

Night walk for Lauren and Kiyomi in the pool. Kiyomi doesn't feel ready to love someone but Lauren gives her a short time and Kiyomi wants to try.

They are at The Dinah after all!

Kiyomi says she cannot deny her feelings (wow) and her attraction to Lauren and she has not felt like this for a long time.

Amanda wokes up with her head ready to explode because of last night. Ruby (Whitney's friend) is next to her in bed, wow what happened?

Nothing actually. But where is Lauren? Amanda still doesn't like the idea that Lauren has just spent the night with Kiyomi.

Lauren and Kiyomi, meanwhile, quietly awake.

Kiyomi said she will have many problems when she will return to New York. Ouch ... Lauren thought it was over between Ali and Kiyomi.

While Amanda is in the shower, Lauren is back with a huge smile!

Amanda asks if she slept with Kiyomi. Lauren confirms that. She added that it was great, they had a good time together.

In an interview, Amanda said: "I think it's serious." She doesn't think Kiyomi is attractive and doesn't even imagine her kissing Lauren..

For Lauren, Amanda is hypocritical (Amanda didn't care for Lauren when she arrived in Los Angeles and when they were visiting New York).