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Screencaps Recap: The Real L Word Episode 307 - Dream Come True

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Romi starts a new career, Whitney and Sara visit Whitney's grandmother and the situation end in a very specific way. Kacy and Cori are ready to be pregnant again. Amanda meet Kiyomi without Lauren.

Whitney and Sara go and visit Whitney's mother and grandmother.

Whitney thinks that her mother needs to see them to really react and support the couple,

considering her reaction when Whitney and Sara announced her they were engaged by internet.

But the problem is more the grandmother because Whitney says she never has had a discussion with her on her sexuality and now she has to tell her she is about to marry someone and it's Sara.

Problem at the airport, the bag is too heavy.

Whitney thinks it is the make-up products of Sara. Sara thinks it is the shoes.


In interview, they confide they are stressed because of the announcements to their families.

Lauren awakes. Alone, this time. She confides she already misses Kiyomi even if she has left for a few days.

She adds she never had a long distance relationship so that's difficult especially with her intense feelings.

Amanda asks her how is she?

Lauren answers her that it is currently not very cool.

In New York, Vero meets Kiyomi and asks her about her relationship with Lauren.

Kiyomi says it is hard because that goes too quickly.

They have both to take care of their careers so Lauren and Kiyomi plan to visit during the weekends and see.

In interview, Kiyomi thinks it is too early to say Lauren and she have a serious relationship.

Kiyomi needs time because she has just broken with Ali.

Amanda and Lauren continue speaking.

It feels good to be with someone that you like.

Vero confides to Kiyomi that Lauren told her at Dinah Shore she would see herself with Kiyomi.

Vero thinks Lauren is totally hooked.

Lauren, as for her, thinks that's a little bit too early to speak about a relationship but Amanda says she can't stop to speak about it.

Amanda says she never saw her like that before. All she wants it's to see Lauren happy and if Kiyomi hurts her, she will pay a killer.

Kacy's mother had difficulty to have Kacy's sister:

10 years and 4 miscarriages so she understands the situation for Cori and her daughter.

Her mother says it is great to see they succeeded staying together.

She asks then if they plan to try again. Kacy answers yes.

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Sara and Whitney with Whitney's grandmother.

Whitney says her grandmother is 92 and confides she has played a important role in her education.

Her parents divorced and there was no enough money so her mother and she moved in with her grandmother.

She adds that her sexuality was not part of her relationship with her grandmother so why to speak about it?

But, now, it's not about her sexuality but about her future, her life and she has to speak to her grandmother about it not knowing if she will accept it.

Visit of a childhood friend of Whitney, Tiffany,

with her boyfriend.

Whitney tries to relax a little bit.

Tiffany says she has a news.

She and Luigi are engaged. Whitney did not know and is fustrated.

She cannot say Sara and she are also engaged. Whitney has difficulty being happy for her friend.

Sara hopes Whitney will say it to her grandmother.

Meeting for Romi with Mercado, her music video director and Erica, the camera operator.

Romi plans to sing. She collaborates with a friend, Craig, to make a dance/pop song and to play it when she is a guest in clubs. That will be cool to have something she made.

She will continue to work on her jewels (HIJA por Vida) of course. She just want to have fun and now, she has to work on a music video.

She tells the ex-wife of her mother is a music producer and songwriter so she has grown with music. Romi does not know if she can perform in public but she plan to work with her ex-boyfriend Dusty Ray who has a band.

All of a sudden, Amanda arrives in the living room with a bag.

Lauren wonders what's going on?

Amanda says she needs Lauren drives her to the airport immediately.

She needs to go to New York for a few days to see her ex, without Lauren, and asks Lauren not to ask her questions.

Lauren asks her how long Amanda will stay in New York.

Amanda does not know, she bought a one-way ticket.

Lauren: "What?" She thinks it's weird.

Whitney explains to Tiffany and Luigi her reaction when they announced they plan to marry. Tiffany thinks Whitney's grandmother will not say anything negative. She had not said anything for her tattoos and thinks that will be similar.

Kacy and Cori prepare to go to the hospital for their first insemination.

Kacy says she does not know if she is ready. Cori feels relaxed.

They feel sad and happy at the same time and it is very hard.

They decide to bring Charlie. They keep her ashes. They need her to be with them.

Whitney and Sara go in a coffee and Sara is really surprised of Whitney's grandmother.

It was very important for Whitney because her grandmother can't come to the marriage in Los Angeles, she is 92 years old, and, as a result, she has the idea to legally marry in Connecticut.

Sara likes the idea and in the same time, she panics: "It means we gonna marry like... tomorrow?

Whitney: No pressure."

In interview, Sara confides she is not afraid to marry but would like her parents to be there and share this with them.

There will be 2 ceremonies.

Whitney says to legally marry is important for her because she wants the same rights than straight couples.

Romi arrives at the studio to work with Dusty.

Dusty thinks that she should have somebody to sing with her. As a result, she asks him to do it with her. Dusty accepts.

Kelsey arrives.

At the beginning, Kelsey did not like the idea that Romi works with Dusty but she met him and he also has a girlfriend. She thinks he is not a danger. She even thought he was gay but apparently he isn't.

Kelsey says that's great Romi does what she likes but is this really good? She does not know.

Well, I can't easily answer: NO, she is not a singer.

So Amanda is in New York and …

and she sends a message to kiyomi.

She explains she never really talked to her and wants to know her intensions with Lauren.

Kiyomi invites her to Laura's dinner so that they could get to know each other and talk.

Amanda thinks that's her role as a best friend to do that.

Kiyomi will stay authentic whatever Amanda likes her or not.

Kacy and Cori arrived.

They have the same batch. With a bit of luck...

Whitney and Sara visit Whitney's Uncle, her taunt and cousin to talk about the marriage.

We learn that the father of Whitney do not want to come to the marriage because of the cameras.

Whitney says he only thinks of him. It seems that he does not support the marriage apparently.

Her uncle asks whether that will be legal. Whitney explains it won't be legal in California because of prop 8 that's why they think to marry in Connecticut. Like tomorrow...

The aunt: "Tommorow!?!"

Whitney says her mother doesn't know yet. Her mother who precisely arrives.

Whitney tells her that she and Sara will stay longer and explains their plan.

Her mother: "So you gonna get married?"

Everyone laughs.

In interview, Whitney says that her reaction is in fact the same one as when Sara and she announced their engagement.

She just need a few seconds before to understand.

Of course, her mother will come with them and she is very happy.

Laura's dinner party.

Laura's mother is also there<

with Vero and her girlfriend Katie,

Somer could not come but Donna, her wife is there,


and Kiyomi.

Amanda has to call Lauren.

She tells her she is at Laura's dinner.

Lauren would like to be there too.

Amanda says she should come.

Lauren will see whether there is a flight.

Lauren says that when she likes somebody, she doesn't want to wait and she knows Kiyomi can't come to Los Angeles.

Amanda announces the news to Kiyomi who is not 100% happy. She doesn't really know what to say.

She explains she is surprised and asks Amanda:

Amanda accepts but did not expect this reaction. That's weird.

So they go in the kitchen. Kiyomi says she is excited but did not think that lauren would do that.

Amanda asks her whether they already date, a real date. No. If lauren comes, Amanda says she should plan a real date.

In interview, Kiyomi confides she has had a crush very quickly and she does not want to be a cock-up.

Sara calls her mother and explains the marriage in California is still planned but they plan to also marry in Connecticut.

Her mother: "After or before?

Sara: Before."

Her mother asks her if she will marry today.


That's difficult for her mother not to see this like a real marriage.

Her mother does not accept it and thinks Sara just thinks of her.

Sara explains why it is important to be legally married (visits in hospitals, ...) but for her mother there are too many things. She has difficulty to understand.

Sara mother wants to speak to Whitney.

Finally, she says they are with them at 120% and says Sara is the most important thing they have with her sister and asks them to be happy.

But she still sounds sad.

New meeting for Romi and Dusty.

They try to work on another song.

Romi tells him that sometimes she fixes him.

He fixes her too.

It's just weird.

Then she asks him if she can listen the song. That sounds more pop.

In interview, Romi tells that a friend has introduced Dusty to her and that immediately, they falled in love.

Then, they stayed together during 4 months. Dusty broke up with Romi.

6 years later, he's in Los Angeles and work in the music.

Dusty says that they have a good energy together.

Romi adds she feels things with him she doesn't feel anymore.

Whitney and Sara are about to get legally married.

Elisa, the justice of the peace, arrives.

To be easier for Whitney's grandmother, the ceremony will be performed in the garden.

The grandmorther confides in interview she is very happy that they married.

She is still not entirely used of this but she thinks Whitney and Sara are cute together.

Whitney: "It's like a dream come true. It's cool. Special."

She did not think that her grandmother would be at her marriage.