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Screencaps Recap: The Real L Word Episode 308 - Premonitions

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Somer is fired, Kiyomi and Lauren are officially dating, Cori and Kacy are pregnant again, Romi and Kelsey broke up, welcome in the episode 8 of The Real L Word.

Laura announces to Vero that all the band will meet and Kiyomi will say to Somer she won't continue to play for Hunter Valentine.

Laura and Kiyomi have decided not to keep her because the band evolves quickly.

The album will be released soon and from there, they will be very busy and that will be hard to have somebody who always wonders the role she wants to have in the band.

Vero asks whether it is a kind of ultimatum. If Somer is interested, if she wants to change the things, is there still a possibility?

Laura answers no. They will discuss, of course, but the decision won't change.

In interview, Kiyomi says there are too many troubles with Somer, emotionally. She wants to resolve this before Lauren comes.

Somer arrives in the bar.

The girls know it is not easy to find the members for a band.

Kiyomi asks whether Somer will be late the following day.

Somer says she won't but wonders why they have to meet, they were supposed to record.

Kiyomi says they want to speak about what's happening.

She also confides she is not nervous to say Somer that it doesn't work but she is rather sad. She says she hopes their friendship will not suffer from it.

In the bar, Kiyomi said to Somer that since their quarrel in Austin, their friendship goes much better.

Somer thinks nevertheless there is a sword of Damocles on the top of her head.

She doesn't know if she doesn't trust Kiyomi or her.

She just knows the things are currently not so good.

Kiyomi agrees but tells her she prefers to speak about it tomorrow and to have a good time this evening.

Working session for Romi with Dusty.

Romi has to prepare the music video of her song "Oh La La La".

Well, there are some progress on the aptness compared to the last episode but she's still not a singer. Of course, the mix will help to solve that.

Romi says she adores music, to sing, to be on stage.

She would like to sing and to be payed for that but if not, she doesn't care.

Romi says Dusty and she is a good team because he is an amazing and very talented songwriter and she has a lot of fan and can do a lot of publicity so give her a song to sing and she will be able to have a lot of people to listen it.

They start to work the second song which is more pop. That sounds well, Romi doesn't sing bad for a beginning.

Dusty says the music is part of Romi, just like him, so when they are together that works great, all seems easy.

Kacy and Cori visit their therapist Joyce who helped them during the process of mourning.

Cori says that now they did their first insemination, she needs to be reassured.

She confides to Joyce that to see pregnant women is hard and she feels jealous even if she would like to be happy for these women.

Joyce tells her jealousy is also anger but what she feels is normal.

In interview, Cori says she is in anger against her body.

Kacy says to Joyce the date of the birth of Charlie approaches. Cori confides she thinks of all these details like the size of the baby, how she should be,… Joyce reassures them. It is normal, it is natural and not unhealthy to think of all these things. They should not refuse these feelings and they have to wonder how they want to spend this day to remember Charlie.

Kiyomi and Laura join Somer and Vero.

Just before they knock on the door, Somer asks Vero if she is excited for the next week.

Vero asks what happen the next week?

Somer says they have to play a concert.

Vero: "Oh... our show…"

She opens the door to Kiyomi and Laura.

Kiyomi knows Somer was a little bit disappointed and feels kind of sad.

Sara and Whitney have full of things to do, their marriage in California is in one month.

Whitney is the one who plans, Sara is the one who progressively decides.

A little bit of tension between both because there are so much things to do.

Somer and Donna celebrate the end of Somer's participation in Hunter Valentine.

Somer thinks that was a good experiment for her to see what it is to be a professional musician.

They speak about to have children.

Donna thinks Somer fears to have children because that could have an impact on her musical career.

She thinks that will not be easy but for her, it is the good moment.

Somer feels nervous to know Donna is now ready to have children whereas Somer would like to really be in the music but, she does not want Donna is unhappy.

Romi is back home with Kelsey.

Kelsey has had nightmares again last night. Apparently, that's not the first time.

Kelsey really thinks of having premonitions.

She had dreamed Romi will date Jay. That happened.

She dreamed Romi will do music with Dusty.

That happened.

Last night, she dreamed Romi broke up with her to be with Dusty.


Kelsey confides she is not very at ease to see Romi with her ex but she has to be there and to support her.

Lauren arrived in New York.

She says again she has intense feelings for Kiyomi and wants to spend a maximum of time with her.

Amanda went back to Los Angeles, apparently it didn't work great with her ex.

Lauren meets Kiyomi.

Kiyomi is nervous because she wants it works and hopes they will have the same alchemy as at Dinah Shore.

In Los Angeles, Cori and Kacy walk on the beach.

Charlie should be born today.

They remembered that, when they wanted Charlie, they and their friends had met on the beach and had thrown flowers in the ocean so they think of telling her goodbye by doing the same thing.

Romi visits her mother and her aunt, who is also there, her brother Andy and Peter, the boyfriend of her mother.

She says it is good to see her family after working so much with Dusty.

She also tells she has two handicapped brother, Andy and another brother.

Her father was in Vietnam and he was sprinkled by a product which contaminated him and the male chromosome.

Romi works a lot to be also able to help her family, to offer holidays to her mother and brothers because she does not have enough money to do it.

Whitney invited Amanda to hang out with them considering it is totally over with Amanda's ex.

Amanda ask them if they already found a designer for their marriage clothing. She proposes them to meet a designer for who she has to work. The designer and she could create something for their marriage.

Whitney is glad. It's one thing not to do.

Sara does not like Amanda interfere in the preparations. That's not her business.

Whitney says sometimes Sara's mood completely changes and it is what happened and now she has to find what 's going on?

Amanda says it is currently hard to hang out with Whitney and Sara. They panic because of the marriage.

Quarrel between Whitney and Sara.

Sara goes away. Alone.

First date for Kiyomi and Lauren.

In interview, Kiyomi says she didn't want to have a serious relationship but she sees something different in Lauren which could change her mind.

They speak about Somer. It is difficult to have somebody who is not ready to tour considering she just get married.

Kiyomi asks Lauren if she knows how long they tour.

In interview, Kiyomi says they will not be able to be together so much because of the tours and she thinks Lauren still doesn't understand this.

Each morning, Cori awakes and does tests of pregnancy but it is always negative.

But why not today...

Oh my god! They're pregnant!

Whitney and Sara awake and wonders what happened yesterday evening. Sara says she did not want to hang out with Amanda.

For Whitney, Amanda was not the problem. They are stressed, anxious with the marriage. Their lives change a lot.

Now, they know they have to communicate more and not just say "Fuck you, bye" as they used to do before.

They will do everything to be happy again.

Romi and Dusty shoot the clip of Oh La La La and Romi confides she flirts with Dusty. She was not so happy since a long time.

Kelsey arrives and is happy for Romi.

One feels a great discomfort when Kelsey join Romi and Dusty.




Kelsey confides she can see very well the difference between what is good and bad and Romi's behavior with Dusty is not OK.

Romi asks her what's going on.

Kelsey does not say anything.

Romi says her to not be in anger for nothing, she does not wants somebody who tells her what she should do.

Kelsey goes away.

Romi does not want she leaves.

Kelsey says her she doesn't fell so close to her as Dusty seems to be and she doesn't like that.

Romi tells her she has to speak to her. For Romi, it is her day and she just want to have fun.

Kelsey goes away.
Kiyomi asks Lauren if she wants they see each other. Lauren accepts.

She tells Kiyomi she wants to be with her.

Kiyomi: "I want to be with you too."

Kiyomi says Lauren and she don't care about the obstacles there will be in the future.

She does not want to think and put barrier anymore and is ready to be engages with somebody.

In interview, Kiyomi asks Lauren whether she is her girlfriend and Lauren answers yes.

Romi is back home.

Kelsey arrives, furious.

Romi is surprised she has sent a message to her saying she moves.

They argue about Dusty.

Kelsey does not understand why Romi chose to work with him. She could have found someone else.

Kelsey says she grew up a lot in a year and does not want to let somebody maltreat her like that.

She have enough respect for her.

The tone goes up!

Romi says she is affectionate with all her friends in the same way as with Dusty.

She wants to do music with him.

Kelsey tries to render comprehensible to Romi that if she was doing the same thing, Romi would not accept it. Romi agrees.

Kelsey confides she always forgave Romi because she loved her.

Romi proposes her to do a break, she is tired.

She says she loves her but Kelsey tells her that is over, they are not together and goes away.

In interview, Romi says she will do music with Dusty, will travel with him, will be in studio.

She does not want to control what will happen.

She calls in principle Dusty.

The episode stops there so see you soon for the finale episode of this season 3.