Wednesday, 22 February 2017 17:41

Seed&Spark partners with It Gets Better Project in celebration of #100DaysOfDiversity

Written by  Julie Keck


Starting on Valentine's day Seed&Spark - a Los Angeles-based independent streaming and film funding platform -- will be donating $1 to It Gets Better Project for every new subscriber through March 2, 2017 at The effort is part of the brand’s #100DaysOfDiversity initiative, and in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, is featuring films, shows and crowdfunding projects that exemplify "Modern Love."

"Love is love, on screen and off," said Emily Best, founder and CEO of Seed&Spark. "As a small startup, we don’t have millions of dollars we can contribute to all the issues that are important to us. But we do have a strong community of filmmakers and film-lovers who we can rally to vote with their wallets for diverse love stories, including those by and about members of the LGBT community. It's increasingly apparent that when it comes to making real, positive change, businesses can really rally their communities -- and that includes startups. I couldn't be more proud to be helping raise funds for an organization of such caliber and importance as the It Gets Better Project."

Seed&Spark will be featuring a slate of modern love stories for its subscribers during this initiative, including "BFFs (a feature comedy about two friends and sexual fluidity), "F*ck Yes" (a series shorts by women that show consent can be sexy), "5 Weddings and A Felony" (a rom-com documentary about one man’s quest for love) and "The Benefits of Gusbandry" (a critically acclaimed series about a straight woman and her gay best friend).

Subscribers and non-subscribers can also follow or contribute to the movies and shows currently crowdfunding with Seed&Spark, especially "River" (a short that follows a non-binary protagonist through love and loss) and "Growing Apart" (a series that explores platonic love in a changing friendship) and "At The End of the Day" (a feature film about a conservative Christian professor who finds himself at a gay support group).