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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 22:50

"She's Beautiful When She's Angry", A Documentary About The Women's Movement That Revolutionized The World

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"She's beautiful when she's angry" is a documentary that traces the epic of the women's movement from 1966 to 1971, which allowed women around the world to get rights.

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Produced and directed by Mary Dore, "She's beautiful when she's angry" shows all aspects of the movement. We discover ladies in hats and gloves but also other more radical women. No matter! Each one contributed in her own way to free women and bring them a right to speak.

"She's beautiful when she's angry" is a film about feminism that shows the controversies over race, sexual orientation and leadership. This is a film about women activists, about women who fought to change the world.

Of these women, you discover for example activist, writer, political scientist and lawyer Jo FreemanJo Freeman or New York NOW’s 1970 Women’s Strike Coordinator Jacqui CeballosJacqui Ceballos who tells us their first meeting and the passion they felt:

“I was with SCLC—the Southern Christian Leadership Conference—in the South. Many of us who started this new movement had come out of civil rights, and absorbed its ideas, so that it shaped the women’s movement. In some ways, the women’s liberation movement was the bastard child of the civil rights movement,” Freeman says.

“The first NOW meeting I went to was in November 1967. We were dying to get things done, I cannot tell you the passion we had. Stop with all this talk, we wanted to do something!” Ceballos tells.

Many others tell their stories in this documentary that I recommend.

Here is the trailer:

 Our Bodies Ourselves CollectiveOur Bodies Ourselves Collective older

"Our Bodies Ourselves Collective"

The documentary will debut on screens from December 5 at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York, NY (ONE WEEK ONLY), from December 12 at the Landmark Nuart Cinema in Los Angeles, CA (ONE WEEK ONLY), from December 26 at the Real Artways in Hartford, CT (ONE WEEK ONLY).

See the website for more date:

Photo credit: Virginia Blaisdel, Ann Popkin


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