Friday, 19 July 2013 22:43

The Advertising Standards Bureau Rejected Complaints Against 'You're Having A Lesbian' TV Advertisement

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A television advertisement supporting homosexuality, currently aired in Brisbane and likely to be rolled out in all Australia, is at the heart of a heated debate because it shows a pregnant woman to whom a doctor tells the news: "Congratulations, you're having a lesbian".


Immediately, the Advertising Standards Bureau received a lot of complaints.


The complainants consider that the ad "is illegal as it involves the sexualisation of children''. A woman even wonders: "If a child saw this advertisement and asks about it, what does one tell a child?" (just the truth)


Unfortunately for the complainants, their complaints were all rejected.

This ad was created by Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays who hopes "to educate and to bring awareness to the public about homosexuality."

"Wouldn't it be great if one day parents were able to accept and celebrate the sexual orientation of their child from the day they were born?" it asks.


Watch the advertisement: