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Thursday, 09 June 2016 23:41

The Beer Brand "Bud Light" Celebrates Pride Month Too

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To celebrate Pride Month and also the first anniversary of the legalization of marriage equality across the United States, Bud Light was associated with comedians Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer to promote equal marriage through an ad both on TV and also in the streets of California and New York.

The TV spot simply titled "Weddings" was produced by Wieden & Kennedy and began to be broadcast from June 1.

The ads are part of the politically themed "Bud Light Party" campaign and the "Raise One to Right Now" launched earlier this year which highlights injustice. In June, so the equal marriage is put forward, later this summer, it will focus on equal pay for women.

I just voice reservations about the locations. The people of California and New York do not really need to be convinced on marriage equality, I wish the same spot is aired in somewhat more conservative states.


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