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Friday, 31 October 2014 22:24

The Lesbian Drama "Freeheld" Discriminated By The Salesian High School's Principal

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 Julianne Moore Ellen Page


"Freeheld", the movie with Ellen Page and Julianne Moore which I told you about when they launched the project is currently filming and faced a discriminatory act on the part of a Catholic school.

The team of the film wanted to shoot a scene in the Salesian High School in New Rochelle, New York. Initially, the team was able to take pictures to prepare the filming of this scene in which, as indicated The Hollyood ReporterThe Hollyood Reporter, Moore's character, a New Jersey police detective with terminal cancer, applies for a domestic partnership with her partner (Ellen Page) in order to pass on her pension legally after her death. 

The school was to stand in for the town hall of Ocean County, New Jersey.

Some time later, the director the school, John Flaherty, said the film producer Michael Shamberg he refused the filming of this scene in his establishment.

"They turned us down because of the subject matter," Shamberg tells THR. The school has approved other shoots in the past, he adds.

The film is "not about gay marriage, nor are women trying to marry. It is about the recognition of the dignity of a woman who was a brave officer," Shamberg wrote in an email to Flaherty.

A good reason to make this film.


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