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The movie "Seventeen" captures the feelings of love of two teenage girls

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"Seventeen" ("Siebzehn") is a beautiful movie that treats love between two teenage girls. This drama brings us back to the age of adolescence when love stories are often unfulfilled and at the same time very romantic.

"Seventeen" is the first film of the Austrian director Monja Art who also wrote the script inspired by her own experience.

The story is located in a small rural town in Austria. Paula, a 17-year-old high school student, is in love with her classmate Charlotte but this one has a boyfriend. In an effort to forget about her, she then starts getting involved with Tim, another classmate. But Charlotte is actually in love with Paula.

All this gets more complicated when the manipulative Lilli starts to intrude.

As Art explained in interviews, she loves complicated love stories.

At the premiere of the film, she also said it was not a coming-out film. It's true that in "Seventeen", the characters approach same-sex love stories quite naturally which can be surprising depending on where you live.

Moreover, by chance, the four main actors who play Paula, Charlotte, Tim and Lilli know each other in real life. They have been part of an unprofessional theater group for seven years and have enjoyed somewhat similar off-camera relationships which bring a touch of authenticity to the movie.

Visit this Facebook page for more information on screening dates of "Seventeen": https://www.facebook.com/siebzehnfilm/