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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 22:56

The Real L Word 207 Recap - Playing With Fire

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Battles, break up and bad news, that's the menu for this episode.


Sajdah and Chanel are in the laundry and Sajdah says to Chanel that the next stage is to live together,

that the next week they will live together.

Chanel seems to be bored, it seems that the things go a little too quickly for her.


On her side Kacy goes to the church to pray. She wishes Cori is pregnant.


Claire is very happy, finally Vivian decided to come to Los Angeles.

But then we learn by Francine that Claire would have said some bad things about the girls

(they do anything of their lives, they do not have real jobs,…) in short, just bulls***ts.

And here we go, Romi takes her phone and texts everyone what she has just learned.


And we know very well that informations in our community travel quickly and far: am I passing the message? ;)


Anyway, Whitney receives the message and communicates it to her friends.

All wonder who is this girl who claims to be better than the others?

What will happen during their next meeting?


Well far from that, Claire and Vivian enjoy to be together.


It gets better between Romi and Kelsey.

After the last episodes a little bit animated, it is finally calm if they don't talk about alcohol because, when Kelsey announces to Romi she will moderate her desire for drinking but she doesn't want to be under pressure and will take a drink sometimes, Romi doesn't really agree and prefers not to continue the conversation on the subject.


Cori feels pregnant, something occurs in her boobs.


Chanel feels the need to have a true conversation with Sadjah, both have difficulties and more and more to communicate. She has besides difficulties to explains what she feels as Sadjah seems to not really listening her.

The battle is announced : Claire and Vivian decided to go out, the other girls too and, of course, in the same club.

Battle 1



Whitney wants to figure out if Claire really said what Romi texted her. She asks her explanations.

Claire, who is not very convincing blinking her eyes hundreds times when she answers, denies to have said these remarks.

She thinks Francine wants to hurt her since she is arrived in Los Angeles.

In interview Whitney says: "Claire responds shocked but (…) Do I think you meant the things you might have said ? ...No.

Do I think maybe you were like : 'wouuuuu I wish I didn't say some things? ' Yeah."

ROUND 2 : Francine arrives.


The final battle is on the way to take place and, as you can read it, that starts very well on the side of Claire.

But before this final battle, Francine wants to prove that she tells the truth and why she would lie to her friends?


She shows messages sent by Claire on her phone in whom she clearly treats shit everyone.



They both scream.

Sometimes one screams, sometimes it is the other.

Sometimes they sit down, sometimes they stand up to scream more.

At the end both cries on their side, the battle is finished, Claire goes away with Vivian.


Rachel depresses. She feels alone.


Unfortunately, insemination does not work. Periods arrived. They realize that it will be harder than they thought.

Francine would like to work on her garden and decided to organize a party in order that her friends share their ideas.


And she really wants to do something as she even created a power point. Sadjah and Chanel are also there but Chanel stays on her side because she does not know the other girls for the moment,

she just wants to take her time to met them but Sajdah doesn't understand and wonders what's going on.

Break up


The evening ends under stress and incomprehension between Sadjah and Chanel.


They break up at the end of this episode.


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