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Thursday, 28 July 2011 21:46

The Real L Word 208 Recap - The Hardest Time

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The season 2 is almost over. Yes, the next episode will be the last one. But let's be back on this episode 8 full of surprises. We finally discover the mysterious mother of Sajdah.

Rachel and Whitney have lunch. No, not this kind of moment you are thinking about ;)

Another couple broke up. And the end...the end was...surprising, unexpected, interested.

208_1Sajdah is happy, her mother comes to visit her. It is the first time that her mother will see the SO GAY life she has now. Sajdah is worried a little bit that her mother feels unconfortable.


During a party, Francine said to the other girls that she plans to come out to her mother.

208_3Whitney asks her roommate if she could take care of Rachel, who doesn't feel very well, but her roommate explains to her that Rachel is not waiting for her. She is of course waiting for Whitney. So Whitney plans a lunch with Rachel.


On the side of Romi and Kelsey, it is catastrophic! Kelsey passed the evening with her sister, they were in a bar and drank. Romi is annoyed. That's unfortunately the beginning of the end.

Kacy and Cori figure out that they will need around 5-7 inseminations before Cori gets pregnant as all their friends who have babies said them. That's a lot of money: 2.820 / month !!!



Financially that will be hard.


As a result they are very irritated, stressed, moreover they are irritated one against the other.


Sajdah and her mom go to a meeting at the Gay and Lesbian center where they take part in a workshop.




Not for everyone.

Romi definitively realizes that they do not want the same thing in their lives. Kelsey wants to enjoy, to have fun when Romi wants to calm down.


Sajdah's mother accepts the new life of her daughter. As she said in interview, she asked Sajdah to go to school and have an education and then if she love women, she's fine.


During the lunch, Rachel admits to have a problem, that's why she is sad. She even admits that sometimes she doesn't really know if she wants to continue to live. Whitney convinces her to stop taking drugs and to go and see somebody to talk about her problems.



Kelsey packs her bags and leave.


The inseminator dildo is ready!

And that's how the surprising, unexpected and interested end of this episode happened.


Whitney is texting someone but who? When her friends ask her, she denies and answers that she tweets. Mmm, we soooo believe you.

Later, when everyone is sleeping. Whitney opens the door, but who is coming? Suspense...


OMG! That's Romi!





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