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Sunday, 14 August 2011 22:00

The Real L Word 209 Finale Recap - The Pieces Fall Into Place

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And here is the last episode of The Real L Word season 2.

We had girls back together as a couple, new careers, new goals, new projects to launch.

We had hot sex scene in a shower or behind trees (oops I do not have the keys of the car), we had battles full of chocolate, coming-out without sake….

We had answers to some of our questions (Will Romi launch her jewels company? Will Cori and Kacy get pregnant? Is this really finished between Sajdah and Chanel? With which ex Whitney will end the season?, ...), even if, unfortunately, some questions will not had an answer.

Here a recap of this episode 209 to close this season 2 of The Real L Word.


It starts with Romi as a model for her jewels. She has to prepare a book to show her collection and in particular because she has to meet the director of Love & Pride and show her project.


Whitney greets Jaq who come to help her to launch Pants vs Pumps, a new charity project


Francine as for her greets her mum in visit in Los Angeles. She wants to come out to her.


At the hotel, Francine is under tension. Is it too hard, how to do? She initially tries to relax with alcohol.



Rachel starts to talk with a psychologist to try to solve her problems and, after this first session, she already feels better.


Cori and Kacy test the inseminator dildo and try to figure out how it works. Really?

Whitney and Jaq work hard to be ready.


I'm pretty sure you will agree: hard work deserves then comfort.




Chanel accepted to meet Sajdah in order to discuss.

Sajdah became aware of the pressure she put on Chanel.

She hopes Chanel will forgive her.


And she does, they're back together!


After she tried to be relaxed with alcohol at her mum's hotel, Francine finally decided to show her house to her mum.

She also tries a new tactic, to relax her mum with alcohol.


It unfortunately fails.


Finally, Francine comes out and her mum does not have any problems with the fact that her daughter is gay.



Cori and Kacy decided to organize a special spirits' meeting on the beach in order to ask a soul of a baby to go in Cori. Why not?


Claire and Vivian speak about their relationship. Vivian will not live a long distance one.


Whitney briefly meets her ex, Sarah, and does not really accept to see her with someone else.

Pants vs Pums!!!



Escape of Cori and Kacy


No, she does not have the keys.

No big deal!




Romi and her business partner present their jewels and it works, the director of Love & Pride likes theirs products and wants to work with them.


2nd insemination for Cori which hopes that it will be the good one.


Chanel, who is used to go every year in Jamaica, decides to go with Sajdah, a new start for the couple.

Whitney make a declaration of love: she loves her, she tried to forget her, she tried to date other girls but it didn't works,

she loves her.

But who?




The season 2 of The real L Word is finished.

Personally, I liked to follow Whitney and the other girls. I found that this year, Ilene Chaiken had proposed us a good season compared to the first.

I liked to follow Romi and Kelsey and wondered if they will stay together despite of their differences.

I liked to follow Whitney and wondered if she will start a new relationship with a new girl or one of her exes, and which one?

I have to admit that I'm a little bit disappointed at the end.

I liked to follow Chanel and Sajdah.

It was interesting to follow Cori and Kacy, a really cute couple, and see how it is difficult for a lesbian couple to have a child.

I wanted to see something happening between Francine and Claire at the beginning, only at the beginning.

No I didn't like everything, I didn't like Claire.

To conclude, when will the season 3 start? lol

Which story did you enjoyed to follow?

What was your favorite girl?

What did you like and dislike?

Tell me everything!



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