Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:05

There Will Be No Third Series Of Lip Service

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That's over for the TV series Lip Service. BBC3 did not wish to prolong the lesbian series for one more season. It thus stops after only 2 seasons.


The creator Harriet Braun and also the actresses like Ruta Gedmintas confirmed the news by the means of Twitter:

Sadly BBC Three have confirmed there won’t be a 3rd series of Lip Service. A huge, huge thank you to all the fans for all your support xx - Harriet Braun @HarrietBraun

No more LIp service.Thankyou to all who made it special to work on.let's hope there are more shows with equal representation in the making.x - Ruta Gedmintas @Mighty_Minto


During the diffusion, we had been able to feel a kind of end with the death of Cat and Frankie who left the city, but we could however also see that like a new departure with stories centered on new characters like Sadie (Natasha O'Keeffe) or Lexi (Anna Skellern).


It is always a pity when a lesbian series stops because we know it won't be replaced by another one or at least not in the immediate future.