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Thursday, 23 April 2015 16:18

Three New Documentaries On Transgender Children And Youth Have Been Ordered By A British TV Channel

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Channel 4



Channel 4, in partnership with «Young and Trans», has ordered three documentaries on transgender youth and their diversity.

The visibility of transgender children and young people continues in Britain! Indeed, three new documentaries will thus soon be broadcast by Channel 4.

A recent documentary on American transgender children and a show on children, but this time in the UK, have been aired and have had some success, hence the order of three new documentaries.

«The documentary will follow the families as they share their situation with friends, and get to meet other families going through the same thing,” said Firecracker, the company in charge of production, evoking the first documentary.

There will also be «The Camp» on a summer camp for transgender children in the United States and «The Testosterone Diaries» which follows a group of transgender men in their lives.

«Across the UK these young people are proudly broadcasting their lives to the world in online diaries. Combining present tense personal stories with candid web diaries, the programme will show their incredible «rebirth» alongside the emotional challenges presented by their families, friends and society, and find out why they are publishing their journeys online,» says an official statement on this program.


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