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Thursday, 12 May 2016 23:11

Trailer: Are You Ready For A Rather Intense Season 4 Of "Orange Is The New Black"?

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soso poussey oitnb4



June is almost here and for us it means a new Orange Is The New Black season will soon be available on Netflix.

Normally, Netflix announced that the series would be available from June 17 but who knows? Maybe earlier. Remember last year, Netflix surprised us all by deciding to anticipate the launch of the new season.

Get ready to enjoy a season four with lesbian stories, lesbian love, lesbian actresses and even written by some lesbian authors, in short it will feel good.

Season four will pursue conversion of Orange Is The New Black from a comedy to a drama series, so expect to feel the tension.

New characters will emerge, we also know that normally the character of Nicky must make a comeback, we missed her so much in season three, and then there is the Poussin-and-Soso relationship which should develop during season 4.

Now stop reading me and go watch the trailer of season 4, it is rather intense:


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