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Friday, 11 March 2011 01:26

Tv Commercial To Pass Equality Bill

Written by  E-Li

rhode island




In Rhode Island, a campaign for marriage equality started to be broadcasted on television.

This Tv commercial has been developed to push the bill for gay marriage to pass. It presents couples, all from different backgrounds, who explain what the marriage means for them.

Martha Holt, Marriage Equality Rhode Island board member, described this as being "the next step in a broader strategic plan aimed at raising awareness and building the wave of support necessary to achieve a legislative victory this year"

"The message of the commercial, ‘It’s Time,’ reflects a belief shared by a majority of Rhode Islanders – it’s time we live up to our founding principles and make marriage equality the law for all Rhode Islanders."

The Legal Committee will meet Thursday for hearings on the bill of marriage equality and proposals to ban it.


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