Wednesday, 05 November 2014 17:02

Video: Lady Gaga Talks About Her "Too Gay" Beginnings And Her Fight For LGBT Rights

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Lady Gaga was in France after a concert in the UK. In France 5's TV show "C à Vous", she is back on her particular struggle for LGBT rights and the fact that initially her label said she was "too gay."

The journalist: "We follow you, we support your fight for gay rights, and it's not a fight you lead from time to time, it is every day, and last week you were playing a concert in Manchester and you have stopped the concert to allow two men to go on stage and to propose because one of them, I think his name is Jay, knelt and propose Sean and you were a little godmother of this union. You were very moved and at that time you told your audience a pretty amazing thing. At the very beginning your label said you: "Your audience is too gay." Lady Gaga you're too gay friendly? Really? But what they had to blame? What was the problem?

Lady Gaga: "I was told you're too gay, you dance too gay, your clothes are too gay, everything is too gay and I told them, well there are homosexuals in the world and you know my intentions with my music is not to make money or be famous. I think people who are famous because they are rich, because they are beautiful, and well it is a very superficial life, and I would not be able to do this. If I was not doing this, I still sing in a bar in New York.

"My intention is to spread love. My whole intention... in every song, in every concert I talk about it, you know. It is beautiful, these images, these two boys who express their love for each other and are equal but if you think about the gay community of the older generation who did not grow up like that, who suffered, some has no money, some did not work, they didn't have the same opportunities in the 50's, 70's than now.

"I witnessed how people have expressed today, you know, in France, there are people, millions of people, who protest against gay marriage and I tell myself I hope that people in France..., I know that these people are very conservative and that is not the real point of view, the essence of the French.

"I believe in my heart that people can be compassionate, they can love each other and I think we need to speak more strongly than others."