Saturday, 15 September 2018 21:51

Watch the trailer of "Lizzie," the movie with Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart

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Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart are on the movie "Lizzie", which was released this Friday, September 14th.

"Lizzie" is a biopic about Lizzie Borden (Chloe Sevigny), accused and acquitted of the murder of her father and mother-in-law in Massachusetts in 1892, a case that had aroused much interest at the time.

The film looks in particular at Lizzie's intimate relationship with Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart) and how these two women go together to plot the murder of their torturer, Lizzie's parents.

This feature film is the result of an investigation and a work that will have taken several years. Chloe told The Huffington Post that she has worked with screenwriter Bryce Kass since 2010.

The project was initially a 4-hour mini-series. It's now a feature film that you can discover in the cinema. The film was released on September 14, and here is the trailer: