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"What Keeps You Alive": A horror movie focusing on queer women

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Do you like horror movies? I don't, but "What Keeps You Alive" is a horror movie with queer female characters.

Spoilers - At first, the story is pretty simple. A couple, in this case, a couple of women, find themselves in an isolated place for a romantic getaway and, suddenly, it turns into a nightmare.

Forget the clichés, "What Keeps You Alive" is an original and refreshing movie. The couple won't be attacked by someone, like a madman lost in the woods, the threat is near and much more terrifying.

To celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, Jules (Brittany Allan) and her wife, Jackie (Hannah Emily Anderson) have a good time in Jackie's family cabin. Everything is going well. They play guitar around a fire and enjoy this romantic moment in the middle of nature.

But Jackie begins to be mysterious, she doesn't want to talk about her past, and she acts oddly. The day a friend passes by and greets Jackie, but instead calls her Megan, Jules begins to ask herself a lot of questions.

"What Keeps You Alive" was inspired by French horror movie "High Tension" and is as frightening as the French film.

But unlike High Tension, which told the story of Marie who had feelings for her best friend Alex, "What Keeps You Alive" puts the queer couple in the center of the story without being the reason for horror.

In both films, the monstrous character is portrayed by a woman, which makes the terror much more subtle and intense.

Writer and director Colin Minihan explained that initially, the main characters were not queer.

"I started coming back to an idea that I had in writing, that it would be really exciting to make this character a woman and to write an iconic female psychopath character," said the director after the film's first SXSW. "It was a blessing in disguise, but that's how it finally happened."

And this is how the male actor was replaced by actress Hannah Emily Anderson.

"What Keeps You Alive" is available on video on demand:

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