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What Will "Orange Is The New Black" Have In Store For Season 4?

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Barely Season 3 ended, here's the first information on the new season that will air in June 2016 on Netflix. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Following the arrival of new inmates at the end of season 3, it seems that the prison of Litchfield meets with overcrowding. Remains to be seen how it will be developed.

We left Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) finally approaching Maureen (Emily Althaus). A love story could be developed between these two women promising good moments of fun, in my opinion.

We already know that Alex did not die at the end of season 3, actress Laura Prepon participated in the filming of the new season, she will apparently continue to be extremely wary. Remains to be seen how her relationship with Piper will evolve.

Finally, an important point, the team does not reveal anything about the character of Nicky (Natasha Lyonne), who really missed us during season 3. But photos of the shooting, published on Instagram, show Lyonne on the set. We can continue to hope to see Nicky.

Several new characters will emerge. Brad William Henke, Mike Houston and Kelly Karbacz will join the cast.
Karbacz should play the character of Kasey Sankey. Except the name of the character, we have currently no information on the role. Houston will play a new prison guard named Dixon. Shannon Esper will play Alana Dwight, a new inmate. We also saw that actress Jolene Purdy would also join the cast.

These are only the first information, so see you soon for more spoilers.