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Friday, 25 October 2013 15:30

Where We Are on TV Report 2013: The Number of LGBT Characters Decreases on TV

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For one year, one has realized well that television offers less and less LGBT characters and stories. Like each year, GLAAD released the result of a survey into LGBT depictions in the media and strong is to note that this report confirms our impression.

This year, the report “Where we are on TV” proves that we are represented less on TV compared to the last season (3.3% i.e. 1.1% less).

In light, on the 796 TV characters, only 46 (professional soldier or not) are LGBT characters. Too much little…

The good news is that half of these LGBT roles are women but, according to the report, the percentage of female characters slightly decreased and accounts for 43% of the TV roles now.

TV channels and LGBT stories or characters:

As for the cable TV, LGBT roles go up, passing from 35 to 42, with two channels which are distinguished from the others: HBO (11 characters) and Showtime (8 LGBT characters).

The complete report is available on GLAAD: Where We Are On TV - Report 2013


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