Wednesday, 18 November 2015 22:45

Will Grey's Anatomy Gay Scenes Be Censored Or Cut In India?

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As the season 12 of Grey's Anatomy has just started on ABC, the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council has just made its decision concerning an episode of season 5, which aired on Star Channel in June in India.

This scene is in fact the one in which Callie asks Mark tips to seduce women, especially Erica, her romantic interest at the time. It therefore has been deemed "indecent, vulgar … explicit, objectionable and denigrating women."

I know what you think. This scene is nothing compared to the many scenes that will be present in the coming seasons between Callie and Arizona.

As Mashable reports, Indian broadcasters airing American movies and TV shows follow a form of self-censorship to avoid being penalised. This involves a careful screening process to remove any potentially ‘objectionable’ scenes and dialogues. Potentially offensive words are muted and replaced with politically correct versions in the subtitles. For example, earlier this year the season five finale of Game of Thrones was edited to half of its original length.