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10 LGBT Candidates For This Election Day

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This Tuesday, one could see several gay and lesbian victories because several elections have to take place through United-States with 10 LGBT candidates.


"These are exciting and even historic races," said Shawn Werner, the Victory Fund’s director of campaign services. "In each case a victory would mean a real step forward for a local LGBT community, and some of these will be very competitive up until Election Day."


"You hear some call 2011 an 'off year' for politics, but that’s wrong. We’ve endorsed 75 candidates this year, largely in municipal elections. These local races are incredibly important. We don’t just win equality nationally or even statewide. We win it every day, city by city and town by town," said Werner.

Who are the candidates?



First of all, Zach Adamson postulates for a seat in the City Council of Indianapolis and could become the first openly gay member of this council.







In Montana, it is Caitlin Copple who could be elected in the City Council of Montana. If she obtained this seat, she would bring an important voice as, in this moment, they all talk about laws to protect LGBT people against discrimination.






Bevan Dufty would like to become the first openly LGBT mayor of San Francisco.








In Virginia, Patrick Forrest has the ambition to become not only the first legislator openly gay in a republican state but also of the state's Senate.






Daniel Hernandez, Jr. wishes to be elected and become a Sunnyside Unified School District Board Governor in Tucson, Arizona.







LaWana Mayfield could become the first member of the City Council of Charlotte, NC.







It is also the wish of Pam Miller in Savannah, Ga.








In Holyoke, Mass., Alex Morse, 22, could be elected mayor of the city and become not only the first openly gay of Holyoke but also the youngest one.







Rory Neuner would like a seat in the City Council of Lansing, Mich. becoming the only gay of the council.







To finish, Chris Seelbach wishes also a seat in the City Council of Cincinnati, Ohio and would become its first openly gay member.



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