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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 00:40

2 Lawmakers Will Push Marriage Equality In Washington

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Two lawmakers will push to pass a law to legalize the gay marriage in Washington the next year.

Senator ED Murray (Democrat pictured on the left) and Jamie Pedersen (Republican pictured on the right), openly gay, want that finally the state of Washington grants the marriage to same-sex couples.

Murray had already, in 2006, sponsored a landmark gay-rights legislation prohibiting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, marrital status and other categories. and in 2007, a domestic-partnership law. Both passed.

"We've always said that domestic partnership was not an end to itself but a path toward marriage," Murray said.

It is time to pass gay marriage.

"I don't believe it's as radioactive as even the civil-rights bill six years ago," he said. "I think people in this state have moved on."

Democrats currently hold a 27-to-22 majority in the Senate and a 56-to-42 advantage in the House as reports TheSeattletimes.

"The Senate has always been a problem," Murray said. "I know we do not have enough votes in the Democratic caucus in the Senate to pass marriage and that it would require ... a bipartisan vote, with some Republicans voting for it."


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