Tuesday, 28 April 2015 16:26

57% Of Support Becomes 57% Of Opposition To The Religious Freedom Laws

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While today the Supreme Court of the United States hears arguments on marriage equality, we are seeing more and more religious freedom laws to be introduced in the states.

But the good news is that these laws are losing the support of the American public.

Indeed, several surveys reveal that not only companies, but also the American people, in general, less support these laws of religious freedom.

At the end of last year, and even early this year, two surveys showed a majority of Americans were in favor of religious freedom. In September 2014, first of all, the a Pew Research Center poll revealed that 47% of Americans wanted the companies are allowed to refuse service to same-sex couples. In January 2015, this support, as indicated by another survey conducted this time by the AP-GfK, passed the bar of the majority, accounting for 57%.

But this support has literally changed sides. A new CNN/Opinion Research poll is now talking about 57% of Americans who thought that a company must serve everyone, regardless of religious objection.

Another poll by Suffolk University and USA Today also confirmed the figure of 57.8% opposition to religious protection laws.

From memory, I have never seen a change of opinion as fast! I think people have realized that these laws were discriminatory thanks to cases that have made the headlines as companies refusing to serve same-sex couples, or companies highlighting the disastrous economic impact of religious protection law approved by the Governor of Indiana, for example.