Tuesday, 23 August 2011 23:41

A Bridal Shop Refused That A Lesbian Buys A Dress

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Alix Genter (pictured) wanted to buy a dress for her marriage with her fiancée in the shop Here Comes the Bride, however, when the manager understood that it was about a marriage between two women, she immediately refused the sale qualifying same-sex marriage "wrong" and an "illegal".

Asked by ABC News, Donna Saber, the manager, said: "When I mentioned it to her [the change of 'groom' to 'partner'], ‘Oh, I see you crossed out groom and put in partner,’ I got a barrage. I literally got a barrage of ‘bigot’ and other really cruel words.

I might be the kind of person that when you get at me, I might continue the fight, and maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I have my beliefs."

Gay marriage is not legally authorized in New Jersey which can explain the reaction of the manager:

"If she had remained calm, I would have been able to tell her, that it’s illegal, it’s an illegal action, that her marriage was illegal."

When you read this, don't you feel a sort of wish to protect Genter from a so illegal act that she could have been arrested and throw in prison!?! Lol

Of course, Saber did not think that Genter could go to New York to marry her fiancée.

Genter and her fiancée indeed planned to marry in New York where, as you know, gay marriage is completely legal and I'm pretty sure Genter will find a beautiful dress to wear.