Friday, 11 May 2012 10:00

A Card With 100,000 Thank You Will Be Sent To Barack Obama

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Following his support for marriage equality, President Obama was thanked by many celebrities. launched a card if you also want to thank him.

AllOut will send the card:


Thank you for standing up to boldly say that all love is equal.

This is an incredible, historic moment with huge implications for all nations. As many US states continue to ban marriage and 76 nations criminalize people because of who they love, your leadership takes this issue to the next level.

Together, we support you in challenging attacks as they come."

This card will be send with 100.000 names, so if you want to thank him and have your name on the card, more than 64.000 names were already gathered so you still can add yours: Thanks Obama.

Among the celebrities who are delighted by this support, Lady Gaga tweeted: "Obama, congratulations on being the first sitting President to support marriage equality. Feels like the future, and not the past."

Jane Lynch also tweeted: "Pretty darn happy today. Thanks Mr President, for supporting the dignity of my family and so many others!"

Ellen Degeneres also thanked Obama by Twitter: "Thank you President @BarackObama for your beautiful and brave words. I’m overwhelmed," before she thanked him again during her show: