Thursday, 11 August 2016 00:19

A Challenge Has Been Launched Against The Opt-Out Law Of North Carolina That Allows Magistrates Not To Perform Marriages

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This week must hold a hearing in Asheville, North Carolina following a complaint filed by three couples, two lesbian couples and a straight one, against the law allowing magistrates to refuse to marry same-sex couples. Indeed, you should know that nearly 5% of them of the North Carolina refuse to marry same-sex couples for religious reasons.

This opt-out law called the Senate Bill 2 was voted in 2015. Not only does this law really is a problem for same-sex couples but also for heterosexual couples. It allows magistrates to refuse to perform marriages by blocking and it automatically takes six months. Clearly, it is like a magistrate began to strike and refused to do his job for a period of six months penalizing everyone.

You should know that this same type of law that allows for judges to disregard the constitution of their state, which is still pretty amazing because they just do what they want, was also voted in Mississippi and in Utah, but is currently blocked in Mississippi.

US District Judge Max Cogburn is going to hear the case of Asheville. The three couples who filed complaints are based on the financial aspect, since the consequences of this law are paid by taxpayers; on the fact that some citizens are regarded as second class citizens; and on the fact that a religion is favored over another.

We have to wait to know what will be the conclusions of Judge Cogburn, who was appointed by President Obama and who was the first judge to oppose the marriage equality ban in North Carolina in October 2014.

We hope that decision will go in favor of equality and also in favor of the federal law.

Photo from The Atlantic