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Thursday, 17 February 2011 02:16

A Delay For Prop.8

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It was today that the Supreme Court of California was supposed to decide if yes or not the supporters of Prop.8 have the right to defend the referendum but there will be a delay.

An Associated Press say that "the state supreme court granted an expedited schedule in the matter, however — one established to accommodate oral arguments before the justices as early as September; briefings from the litigants are due in March and April per the court's order. Following oral arguments, justices have 90 days to issue an opinion."

According to its decision, the 9th circuit will then say if the anti-gay groups can engage an appeal in favor of the measure, Proposition 8 had been prohibited by judge Vaughn in last August.

The Los Angeles Times reports that "Depending on the court’s ruling, the 9th Circuit could either dismiss the Proposition 8 appeal on procedural grounds -- limiting the case’s effect to California -- or rule on federal constitutional questions that would affect same-sex marriage throughout the country.



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