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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 16:55

A Lesbian Couple Was The Victim Of A Misspelled Anti-Gay Slur On Google Maps

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Jodi McDaniel Jennifer McDaniel Mann


Jodi McDaniel and her wife Jennifer McDaniel Mann thought to live surrounded by neighbors with no problem with the fact that they are lesbians but their son was recently discovered that the name of their road was renamed to indicate that a lesbian couple is living here.

Indeed, when using Google Maps, the couple's son discovered that someone had renamed, with a big error in spelling, the road on which they live in North Corolina: "Fagits live here."

“It reminds me of Atlanta ... of the hate crimes,” Jodi McDaniel told the Citizen-Times newspaper.

Google, alerted of the problem, corrected the information but it took a month.

According to the New York Daily News, because Google Maps uses a crowdsourced tool to make edits, it’s possible the culprit recommended the change through Google Map Maker and garnered enough approval for the homophobic comment.

However, some edits are reviewed by Google editors, but only “high profile features such as National Highways and well-known landmarks,” according to Google’s FAQ.

“We don’t bother nobody. We live our life normally like normal people do. (We) take care of kids, go to work, go home,” Mann told the newspaper. “We don’t deserve this.”

Photo credit: Citizen Times


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