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Monday, 18 July 2011 16:06

A Lesbian In Ohio Lost Her Parental Rights

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Lesbian divorces are not always equal to straight ones especially concerning the parental rights. A lesbian in Ohio lost the battle and was not considered as the second mother of the biological girl of her ex-partner and of course, as always, nobody thought about the child.

Michele Hobbs and Kelly Mullen lived together before becoming parents in 2005. They raised together the child and also participated financially.
But Mullen, after their separation, decided to withdraw the parental rights of Hobbs. Judges of the supreme court supported this request.

Christopher Clark who works for Lambda Legal, a LGBT group, said the decision is a "tragedy for the child, above all else."

"The court disregarded the overwhelming evidence that Ms Mullen agreed to parent Lucy with Ms Hobbs ‘in every way.’ Regrettably, the decision severs a parent-child relationship between Lucy and the person she knows to be her mother."

"All Ohio families should be alarmed by this, as a child with a non-biological parent could be taken from their mom or dad in the event of a separation."



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